Friday, June 5, 2009

chicken kabobs

These were soooo easy! We wanted to make something simple tonight & we already had some chicken we cut up some veggies & threw these on the grill ;)

~1 lb. chicken breast strips; cut into bite size pieces
~assorted veggies; ie. onions, green pepper, tomatoes, etc.
~lime juice
~ground black pepper to taste
~lemon pepper seasoning (or your own fav seasonings) to taste
~olive oil cooking spray

Cut veggies & chicken into bite size pieces. Season chicken with ground pepper & seasonings.

Place veggies on kabob stick. Spray pieces with olive oil spray. Place kabobs on grill & splash some lime juice over chicken & veggies. (We also added beer) Turn kabobs & add more lime juice. Cook until chicken is no longer pink.

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