Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wheat garlic toasts

i made these little delicious toasts with the veggie lasagna....super easy, yes i know! you may have already thought of this yourself...but i love carbs...and i love my texas toast, and since i am really trying to be good i made these instead. yummmy!! this went fabulous dipping in the tomato sauce ;)

~4 slices of wheat bread
~butter (I used i can't believe it's not butter light)
~garlic powder
~parmesan cheese

set oven broiler on high. take bread and place them over foil on a baking sheet. butter the bread and sprinkle a few shakes of garlic powder. sprinkle parmesan cheese all over bread.

place baking sheet in oven under broiler; approx a foot under. close oven door, and watch so they dont burn. it will toast very fast, make sure you watch them! once they brown take out of oven & serve!

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