Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the perfect side salad!

Yes, I know it is just a salad...but it so good, and it goes perfect with any meal! I wasn't going to blog it, but since everyone asks me what is in it all the mom makes this with dinner, so of course I adapted it! You have to go get that 'Good Seasons' salad dressing mix with the free cruet! It is simply the best dressing have on hand. I just had this and a grilled cheese for dinner tonight, since I was on my own. I LOVE feta...feta in my salad, omlettes, pasta, chicken....yummm, cant get enough of it!

~romaine lettuce (I like the american blend that is pre-made at Nino's)
~feta (I like Atheno's regular reduced fat or fat-free sundried tomato & basil)
~red onion
~diced tomato
~matchstick carrots
~ground black pepper

Ingredients for dressing:
~good seasons italian dressing packet
~extra virgin olive oil
~garlic flavored red wine vinegar

Make the dressing in the cruet according to the directions on packet. This is where you get creative...Fill the vinegar (I use Garlic flavored Red Wine vinegar) to 'V' line, and either dont add water & add more vinegar or add water, more vinegar & less extra virgin olive oil. Shake & put aside. Arrange lettuce in large bowl & crack pepper over top, throw in about 1/3 c. of red onion & 1/2 c. of feta + just enough carrots & diced tomato. Pour dressing over top (careful not to saturate lettuce); mix with two spoons & cut lettuce with knife if needed before serving.

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