Tuesday, January 13, 2009

where it all happens ~ my kitchen!!

Absolutely my favorite room in our house....the kitchen!! I just love it, and I think Chad did such a great job re-modeling it himself before I even came into the picture ;) The only thing is there isn't much counter space...at all. We are hoping to sell this year, so maybe in the next house I will get a roomier kitchen...I will sure miss this kitchen tho, if & when we finally sell this house :(

I didn't make a new dish last night for dinner...but I did make my most favorite dish of 2008 for us to eat, 'Pepper Steak' located under 'beef' category & it is healthy too. It is pretty much my favorite dish to make and eat...and Chad agree's. I could probably eat it every night, and make it with chicken too! We make alot of our dinner's with Basmati rice. Recently we went to the grocery store together, and Chad mentioned we should start eating brown rice instead. Well, we compared the nutritional info and Basmati rice is still better for you...so we will keep buying & eating it ;) yummy...I turned to eating it since my last trainer put white rice in my diet, and said that was the best rice to eat with your meal. So I thought I would share that tid bit of info with you today, since I have no new dinner recipe's to share ;)


  1. Cute kitchen Jen! I like the under lighting!


  2. Very cute kitchen! This inspires me to take a photo of our kitchen. :-)

  3. Awww, cute space! I too love the lighting...does Chad want to do ours? Hee hee! It is the one room I want to do but am hesitating since we want to move in a few years too.

  4. Oh and I love Basmati Rice...that is all we eat! Check out my blog, I have an herbed rice recipe with Basmati that is my hands down favortie side.