Thursday, March 26, 2009

8 week results!

I have been working out with a trainer for 8 weeks now. I workout with her a 1/2 hour 3x a week, just doing weight training. I do cardio right after on my own those 3 nights, and then I am in the gym 2-3 other nights doing cardio & abs on my own as well. I try to do Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sunday routine.

Well I had my 8 week weigh-in this past Saturday, and I was pretty surprised to have lost 10% body fat in 8 weeks!! When I first started weight training 8 weeks ago I was at 32% body fat, and now I am at 22% body fat. Instead of being in the "below average" range for most my cardio, endurance, etc. I am now in the "fitness" range. Now I just have to concentrate on eating more healthy - I mean I eat what I like, and I dont deprive myself...but I don't eat very many veggies & healthy things. I like chicken, and salad but you won't be catching me eating fish & broccoli. I wish I had the taste for these foods, but I just never learned to like them.

I did notice that I have lost a lot of inches, but I haven't lost any weight - I have pretty much stayed the same. I have always been active & have worked out, but I would shy away from doing weights because I am not sure of the right excercises to do. So I have signed on for another 8 weeks with my trainer, and I am interested to find out my results in the next weigh-in!

Instead of walking into the gym and hoping on the eliptical machine for 45 minutes...I alternate from the Arc trainer (which is a little different from the eliptical machine), the Stairmaster aka "the beast" (the one with the actual revolving stairs), and running on the treadmill, and walking on an incline. I feel a lot stronger, and my butt is in it's place now...I really hope I can keep this up, afterall I am turning 30 this year!!! LOL!


  1. Oh my gosh...congrats! You rock girl!!!

  2. That is so awesome!
    I am jealous. Nice to see hard work paying off!

  3. that is awesome!!!
    anymore updates?