Sunday, December 28, 2008

our new carpet + living room!

For Christmas this year...Chad and I got new carpet for the living area & a new coffee table + furniture for the TV. Originally we were going to get a wall mount flat screen or one that is small & sits on the TV hutch. Well after spending all that money we decided to keep our old TV (the one in the pic), and wait to get a new tv until after the superbowl is over. This one will be going in the basement, once we can get new carpet down there after the new year! We purchased the new furniture at the Pottery Barn outlet at Birch that store!!

Our red & green stockings!
Another view of the new tv hutch & the carpet! Awww our little xmas tree, which is mine from when I lived in Little is probably time to purchase a bigger tree ;) Above the tv now hangs a huge Big Ben clock!

Our new mirror & wall decor ;) Chad and I picked this out at Graden Ridge...I just love all their wall decor, you have to really search tho, because a lot of that stuff is one of's!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Very cute!!! I love how everything matches so well.