Sunday, November 2, 2008


Chad and I love to make breakfast on the weekends! I like to make these omelettes with whatever veggies we have left over in the fridge from the week. This morning I made egg white omelettes with feta cheese & scallions...but you can use whatever cheeses you have & toppings!

~2-3 eggs (We use Eggland's best egg whites)
~handful of veggies (We used green onion, but I also like to add tomato, green pepper or onion)
~handful of your fav cheese (We used feta this time, but also use taco or cheddar)
~dash of garlic powder
~dash of ground pepper

Add eggs & veggies and mix in a bowl with fork. Add the pepper & garlic powder to taste. Heat frying pan on medium heat, and pour egg mixture into pan. Before the mixture becomes solid ~ add the cheese to center and fold over each side, to make an omelette shape. Flip over evenly on each side, until cheese is melted and serve!

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  1. mmm i love a good sunday breakfast...this looks great!!!